“Thanks to the Mary Kay opportunity, I have received the greatest
education that led to a brighter future than I ever dreamed possible.”
Lorraine receiving a plaque from Darrell Overcash, the President for sales US, honoring that
she has earned more than $2 million in commissions during her Mary Kay business

   A chance to give back. Ironically, while Independent Senior National Sales Director Lorraine Newton was busy designing clothes for the exclusive boutique where she worked, she couldn’t afford to purchase any. Lorraine shares, “Now, I could go back and buy anything I wanted. Thanks to the Mary Kay opportunity, I have received the greatest education that led to a brighter future than I ever dreamed possible.”
   “My granddaughter’s college education is already paid for!” Lorraine says. “In fact, this is my legacy to all my grandchildren – my business gives me financial peace of mind and taught me to trust myself and others.” Lorraine also has been able to move her mother near her, repaying, in part, the strong support both her parents gave her.
   Mary Kay’s priorities of faith, family and then career are the perfect fit for Lorraine. “I’m involved with my ministry. Our family enjoys movies, travel and my husband, Duane’s great cooking. He cooks and my son, Glynn, daughter-in-law, Crystal, granddaughter, Alivia Brooke, and I watch!”
   The unique experience of having cookies and tea at Mary Kay Ash’s pink mansion is vividly etched in Lorraine’s memory. “Mary Kay was so tiny, yet you felt dwarfed by her presence – she was a giant! We happily waited in line just to share our goals.”
   Independent Elite Executive National Sales Director Emeritus Christine Peterson, Lorraine’s Senior NSD, is another powerful example. “No one paints a picture like Christine," Lorraine continues, “And not only that, but you want to be in it. Christine truly lives the dream!”
   Lorraine is proud that her area all pulls together and really likes each other. “I am excited about the future – one where I have the chance to give back and mentor offspring National Sales Directors.”


  • Began, October 1989
  • Independent Sales Director, May 1990
  • Independent National Sales Director, January 2008
  • Independent Senior National Sales Director, December 2018
  • Millionaires Club (has earned more than $2 million in commissions during her Mary Kay business) 
  • Motivated by:  Family security
  • My best assets: Possibility thinker
  • Favorite vacation spot: Greece

Lorraine and her husband Duane vacationing in Greece